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Happy New Release, K.B. Andrews!!! Ready to get Fucking Shattered?


I've always been the shy, quiet one.
My best friend, the fun loving, outgoing one.
When she's gone, taken away entirely way too soon,
I have to learn how to live.

And not just for me, but for her too.

I have to live for the both of us.

That means doing things I'd never do, stepping out of the shadows
to join the rest of the world- taking chances, falling in love,
and getting into a little trouble along the way.

Losing my best friend broke me.

And when a person breaks,
They f*cking shatter.

"The blossoming friendship and relationship between Jovi and River is like a well choreographed dance with the perfect balance of starts and stops, passion and tears, and of course, romance." -Dandelions Inspired Blog

"To be able to take such a heavy story, yet make it light and humorous takes talent, talent that K.B. Andrews has in spades." -Reviews by Reds 

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Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Please welcome, Elena Kincaid and her modern and wintery twist on a classic fairy tale, The Beast in a Suit

Season Of Seduction Coming November 14th
The Beast In A Suit (A Contemporary Tale)
By: Elena Kincaid

#SeasonOfSeduction #pre-order #99cents #romanceanthology
Winter is coming and it’s going to be a hot one with 20 USA TODAY, INTERNATIONAL, and AMAZON BESTSELLING Authors.

Ring in the holidays this year with this collection of steamy to sexy scintillating reads from today's hottest bestselling authors. Whether you’re looking for a romance by the warm glow of the fireplace or a passionate romp on a bear skin rug, there is something for all readers, for every taste, desire, and whim.... Come and join us, won’t you? This is sure to be a Season... of Seduction.

Thanks for having me on your blog today. The Beast in a Suit is loosely based on Beauty and the Beast, a tale I have always loved. In my modern day, contemporary setting, my two characters are drawn to each other from the moment they meet, though their road to romance is anything but smooth. 


She’s no damsel. He’s no prince. Can their love still be strength enough to save them both?

Twenty years later, and the hole inside Emeline’s soul only got bigger, mourning the loss of her mother and brother and what could have been. A stranger comes along with changes to a career she loves, but will it be for the better and will he end up changing her, too?

Adam has been closed off to the world for nearly two decades, existing but not living. He doesn’t even realize the shell of a man he’s become until a woman he’s slowly falling for makes him examine his own reflection.

A modern twist on a classic tale filled with desire, passion, and one dangerous obsession. 


  As soon as the elevator door slid open, he pulled her to him and fused his lips to hers again, walking her backwards inside. His roaming hands were bolder now, cupping her breast with one hand, and her ass with the other. She thought she may actually come just from him touching her. Then she realized once again they weren’t moving.
   With a giggle against his lips, she said, “You have to press nine.”
   “Oh, right.” He pressed the button for her floor and then pushed her up against the wall.
   She felt his hard length pressing against her and emboldened herself to slide her hand in between them. He groaned when her hand made contact and then ground himself into her hand, moaning in her mouth as they feverishly kissed.
   “God, I’ve wanted you for so long, Emeline.”
   “I’ve wanted you, too,” she breathed.
   The doors slid open. He clasped her hand in his and together they briskly walked the few feet it took to get to her apartment. Once again, he was the one who opened her door. The moment they stepped inside and shut the door, their hands and lips were on each other once again. It was dark, but the lights from the street illuminated enough. 
   Her keys along with her clutch were thrown on the floor. Toed off shoes came right before he hoisted her up to straddle his hips, carrying her toward her hallway.
   “Closet,” she said when he opened up the wrong door.
   He cursed. “I’m going to take you in that damned closet!” 
   He didn’t. He continued to her bedroom, which was open, and stopped right beside the bed in the center of the room, letting her slide down to stand. Her knees felt weak, but he supported her.
   He cursed again when he couldn’t get her belt open.
  “There’s a catch inside in the back.” She turned around and then felt his fingers slide inside the belt.
   “Good. It’d be a shame to rip this pretty dress.” 
   It would, but she wanted it off as badly as he did. Thankfully, he found the catch and the belt snapped open and fell in a light clang on the floor. At least the zipper was easy enough to slide down. He did it slowly, lavishing kisses down the open trail, and then he slid the straps down her shoulders, and then the dress down her body, bending down to steady her as she stepped out of it.
   He didn’t touch her right away when he stood back up. She heard the ruffling of clothes behind her and when he turned her around to face him, he stood shirtless and she got her first look at his naked chest and washboard abs. There was a light scattering of blonde hair on his chest. She reached out with both hands and placed them on his shoulders and then she glided them down slowly, exploring the hard muscle underneath. She looked up at him when her hand reached the button of his pants and found him staring intently at her, hungrily.
   He leaned down to capture her mouth again. This time the kiss was slow and explorative as they shed the rest of their clothes, along with the pins in her hair and the tie in his. Her nipples felt like hard points, pressed against his warm, naked body, making her shudder, his unsteady breaths matching her own.
   Finally, he lifted her up again as he crawled onto her bed and then gently laid her down underneath him. He kissed her lips, her neck, and then her ear. “You’re so fucking beautiful,” he whispered in her ear. He trapped her hands above her head, as he began his slow descent down her body, delivering open mouthed kisses down her jaw, to her neck, and then finally stopping at her breasts. 
   Emeline moaned loudly when Adam bit down on her nipple and then louder still when he laved away the sting. He then gifted her other breast with the same attention. He released her hands and travelled further down her body, kissing, nipping, licking as he went, until he reached her center, his soft beard adding an extra sensation.
   Her body bowed when his mouth connected with the most private part of her and he was relentless, devouring her as he had her mouth. He teased her tight bundle of nerves with just the tip of his tongue before finally laving all around. 
   With one hand in his hair and the other fisting the sheets beside her, she rode out his torture, chasing her completion, his large hands holding her inner thighs steady. When he sucked hard on her clit, she screamed, and moved her head from side to side, as her climax hit her with a force like she’d never felt before. 
   Adam moaned against her, licking and kissing until her legs stopped quivering. After one final intimate kiss, he crawled back up her body and took her lips again. “You see how delicious you taste? Better than the sweetest honey.”
   Even his words set her on fire, and again, the ache was stirring despite the amazing orgasm he had just given her with his talented tongue. And she did like the taste of herself, especially since it was mixed in with his taste, one she was already becoming addicted to.

Elena Kincaid is an award-winning and Amazon best-selling author. She writes Paranormal and Contemporary Romances with alpha males who stop at nothing to protect their women, heroines who are anything but damsels in distress, and stories where the only love worth fighting for is the forever kind of love. 
She was born in Ukraine and raised in New York, where she currently lives with her daughter. Her desk is constantly cluttered with journals, sticky notes, and torn-out pieces of paper full of ideas. When not working, Elena loves to spend time with her family, travel the globe, curl up with a good book, and catch up on her soaps.

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Please welcome, Ember Leigh. One of twenty fantastic authors in the Season of Seduction boxed set. Find out what her Little Secret is.

Focus is my middle name. But Sadie makes me forget why I’m in town, what I’m here to win, why it all matters. That alone should tell me to stay the hell away. But I need more of her, even though I know she’s hiding something from me.
I’ll do anything to keep her by my side. Just how far I’ll go will be my little secret.
I’ve had my eye on Hawk for a long time now. Let’s just call him my MMA celebrity dream lover. So when I find myself in Denver at the same time as him, at the same bar as him…I have to say hi. But I sure as hell shouldn’t take it any farther than that. Because he’s in town for one reason: to fight my brother in the biggest televised MMA match of the year.
I can be good… Except I can’t.
But maybe I can make Hawk my little secret.

Dirty Excerpt 

Giggles escaped me, and I hooked my ankles behind his back. The move made something dark cross his face, and he lowered on top of me, resuming his position in the valley of my breasts.
“So I passed the test?” His fingers crept up beneath my shirt, swirling lightly at the skin of my belly. A shiver coursed through me so hard I couldn’t speak for a moment.
“With flying colors.”
“Can I see what’s under here?” He pushed his hands up over the curve of my waist. I nodded, and he pushed the shirt up over my breasts, revealing my very plain and practical taupe bra.
“Don’t act like you’re impressed.” I sat up to tear my shirt off and toss it aside. “This is the plainest bra you’ve ever seen.”
“I don’t care about the bra.” His fingers made scorching trails over the bottom curve of my breast, just below the underwire. “Why would I care about the bra when it’s holding these?”
His big, rough hands covered both of my breasts, gave them a gentle squeeze. His knuckles were scraped, probably from beating the shit out of people.
“You want to see them?”
“More than anything.”
“Five bucks.”
A smile crested his face. “You should charge way more than that, babe.”
Freaking Hawk called me babe. A gush of moisture reached my panties. He slid my straps off each shoulder and then tugged the cups down. My breasts popped out, splaying instantly to the side. Damn gravity. I was almost embarrassed, until Hawk nuzzled each one in turn, moaning appreciatively.
“Damn, Sadie.”
My eyes fluttered shut, and I collapsed against the bed, inhaling sharply as he lavished attention over each breast, kissing and suckling and nuzzling each nipple, until I thought I might come undone just from that alone.
Hawk shifted on top of me, pressing his groin right against mine. The ridge of his cock nestled between my spread legs, pressing against just the right point. A gravely moan escaped me. Holy hell. This was happening.
“Mmmm.” He rolled his hips in a slow circle on top of me. “You like that?”
“More than I can even explain.” I hooked my arms around his thick neck, enjoying the flex of his biceps as he propped himself up to look at me.
“I gotta feel you, babe.” He pushed back and then hopped off the bed, tearing his V-neck off, revealing washboard and all. My breath hitched—dime-sized nipples framed by sparse black chest hair, perfectly defined pecs, abs that deserved their own exhibit in a museum. Tattoos stretched over his ribcage, arching inked patterns that demanded my attention but I couldn’t give it, not when there was so much left to touch and kiss. Something about Hawk felt a lot like finally visiting the Sistine Chapel after only seeing it on TV. Close to a sinfully delicious religious experience.
“Yeah, that sounds like a really good idea,” I breathed, eyes riveted to his crotch as he pushed his jeans down, revealing skintight black boxers. It prompted me to get naked too. “Feel me up. Feel me over. Feel me sideways.” I pulled my bra off, and then shimmied out of my leggings. Left in only my panties, I watched as he fisted the delicious ridge of his cock through his boxers.
He groaned. “This is hard.”
“No shit.” I nodded toward his crotch, and he grabbed me by the hips, pulling me toward him in a quick movement. I giggled, and then suddenly I was in his arms, his fingers biting into the flesh of my ass cheeks, my ankles locking behind him.
“Nice.” He nuzzled my breasts again, then spun around to sit on the bed so I straddled him. I nestled into place, his cock lining up with the crease of my pussy.
“Ohhh my god.” An unearthly moan escaped my lips as I rocked back and forth over his cock. “It’s a little more than nice.”
He matched my movements from below, the two of us beginning a jerky dry hump. He squeezed his arms tighter around me, smooshing my breasts into his shoulder.
“Can I?” His fingers tugged at my panty line. I nodded. He pushed his fingertips underneath the soaked fabric, capturing my clit between his thumb and forefinger. He rolled it between his fingers, his gaze intense on me as powerful waves of pleasure wracked my body.
“Fuuuuck.” My head lolled back as he slipped his fingers back and forth over the tight nub, switching from soft to slow to fast and back again. His breath came out in short pants near my shoulder.
“You don’t know how bad I want to slip inside here.” He pressed a finger against my entrance and then plunged it deep inside me. I groaned, tensing around his finger, the thought “Freaking Hawk is inside me” running through my head like a marquee. “Push myself in until I’m buried inside you.”
I whimpered, rocking against his hand. “You keep talking like that and I’ll come right now.”
“Mmm. I want to see you come Sadie.” He pushed his finger in and then drew it out again, languorous motions that provoked more than they sated. His thumb knocked against my clit on each long draw.
I sucked at my teeth, needing more from him. He was teasing me too well. I bucked against him. “Please, Hawk.”
He slipped another finger inside me, which eased some of the desperation. He pumped them in and out, a little faster, nudging me toward the precipice I was already dangling off of.
With his free hand he cupped a breast, tweaking a nipple. A yelp escaped me—I loved having my nipples tweaked, but especially like this. He grinned devilishly, pinching the other nipple, his fingers keeping a steady rhythm inside me. I moaned low. I couldn’t even fucking believe it. I wasn’t even technically naked, and I was about to orgasm all over Hawk.
“Come on, babe.” He swooped down, capturing a nipple between his teeth. That did it. I screamed, my muscles contracting around his fingers as my pussy prepared for the explosion. Warmth seeped through me, and then the waves of sticky, consuming pleasure rocketed through my body. I pinched my eyes shut, my mind going bright and black at the same time, the whole world shrinking to focus on this blinding bliss I’d found at the hands of Hawk, literally.
I rocked against him as I came down, finding him beaming and sweaty beneath me.
“Damn, girl.” His voice came out cocky smooth, and it stole the last of my strength. I collapsed against him, pressing my forehead against the warm steel of his chest.
“Ungh.” I took measured breaths, trying to regain a grip on this world. Orgasms like that shouldn’t be legal. I’d launched into a different dimension entirely.
He shifted beneath me, the thick ridge of his cock nudging against my pulsing clit. I whimpered, my hand drifting between his legs.
“It’s not fair,” I whispered. “For you, I mean.”

Author Bio
Ember Leigh has been writing erotic romance novels since she was far too young. A native of northern Ohio, she currently resides near Lake Erie with her Argentinean husband, where they run an Argentinian-American food truck. In addition to romance novels, Ember also writes travel memoirs and occasionally updates a couple of blogs. In her free time, she practices Ashtanga yoga, hops around the world, and eats lots of vegetables.

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A dark and sexy fairytale sure to make you hot, bothered and mildly disturbed. Perfect for Halloween!

Pre-order NOW for only $0.99!
Goes live October 25th!

Pre-order it HERE

This is the true account of Hansel and Gretel. Forget your silly, misguided tales of two siblings and a house of gingerbread and cakes. This is the story of what happens when love battles against lust. When the yearnings of the heart are forced to wage war against the base needs and desires we all possess. When the time comes to face who we really are. What we truly want. What we need.

A Warning: Their story should not be taken lightly, for we all toe the line between human and savage animal. We walk around in the light, hoping others don’t see the depravity lurking within, begging to be let free. So take a deep breath, set up your defenses, and slowly turn the page. I dare you.

**This is a dark and extremely explicit retelling of the classic fairy tale, Hansel and Gretel. In this novelette, Hansel and Gretel are NOT brother and sister.**

Gretel’s sleep was troubled, to say the least. She alternated between erotic dreams and consciousness until she finally sighed in exhausted frustration.
The door opened and she felt a body lay down beside her. Something long and hard pressed against her bottom, and she couldn’t help but wiggle against it.
“Can’t sleep?”
“No. My head is filled with…strange things.”
“Oh really?” a large hand with rough, calloused fingers found its way inside her gown and down to her aching sex. A finger slipped between her lips, gently coaxing her slippery entrance. “What kind of strange things?”
Gretel arched her back as sensation rolled through her body. She’d never been touched there by anyone else, even she had only been brave enough to touch herself on a few occasions, but those didn’t compare to this. “I kept seeing you.” She turned her head to Tristen, and he returned her stare with a dangerous smile.
“What did you see?”
“I can’t say it.”
"What did you see?"
Gretel whimpered in frustration as he removed his hand from her sex, then ran his fingers, wet from her excitement, over her mouth.
Tell me.
You were inside me. Here. Gretel squeezed her eyes closed and concentrated on her dream. What she’d seen. What she’d heard. What she’d felt. Tristen nodded and as he slowly got to his knees, she realized he wasn’t wearing any clothes. She’d never seen a naked man before, and her mouth watered at the sight of his muscled body and thick, pulsing erection.
Get up.
Gretel got to her knees, just as he was, and waited.
Lift your arms.
She did as instructed, and he grabbed the hem of her gown and lifted it up and over her head. The cool air kissed her naked body, and her nipples hardened in response.
He tilted his head forward and caught one nipple in his mouth, swirling his tongue around the soft peak before closing his lips and sucking. He released it with a pop, then did the same to the other. Bend over.



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Cosmic Cabaret by Cailin Briste is LIVE!!


Release Day Teasers from Cosmic Cabaret

It’s October 10, and Cosmic Cabaret: Where Hearts Collide in the Greatest Show in Space has officially released. Get your copy at all major online eBook retailers for just $2.99. The price will be going up in the near future.
Cover to cover Cosmic Cabaret is delicious sci-fi romance. 
Thirteen authors. Thirteen novellas. Sure, you can download and read all thirteen first chapters (see links below). But what if you just want a little somethin’ somethin’? Here you go. A sample of what to expect in Cosmic Cabaret.
“Him. Him. Always him. Why couldn’t Astra just get away from the heart-thumping creature, Doctor Zane Jones?”
Stars Shining Bright Above by Jayne Fury
“I’m here for you, whatever you need.” “Stay with me,” she whispered. He leaned down and brought her fingers to his lips, brushing them with a gentle kiss. “Nothing would please me more.”
Star-Studded Love by Rosalie Redd
“Well you see, it’s a funny story involving twins, a capybara, and a whole heap of buttercream.”
A Dance of Fallen Stars by Kat Vancil
“Feckin’ man! Why did someone so exasperatin’ have to be built like a god? Standin’ there in his underpants. All his glory on display except for his private bits, which weren’t exactly hidden by that layer of cloth.”
Educated by the Master by Cailin Briste
“The bad boy she had known had grown into a predator that oozed sex.”
Vordol's Vow by Dena Garson
“Here’s to the sunrise.” He smiled, lifting his glass in a toast. Her eyes flared wide, the clear clink of the pure crystal reverberating through the silence. “Sunrise? Why are we toasting to that?” He watched hungrily as she sipped on the pleasant dessert wine. He tossed back the drink in one gulp. “Because that’s the next time I plan on letting you out of my sight.”
Midnight at Andromeda's by Tessa McFionn
If you need a little more, download One Small Step First Chapters. But really who needs more? 
Click and buy right now for $2.99. That’s 13 sci-fi romance novellas, 1340 pages of love, soft and gentle to wildly abandoned.

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One Small Step First Chapters – Read all 13 first chapters of Cosmic Cabaret in this companion teaser. 

Cosmic Cabaret: Where Hearts Collide in the Greatest Show in Space
Come aboard Blue Star line’s crown jewel, the LS Quantum, a luxury starship traveling through space and time. You’ll meet princes and star sultans, solve a murder, track a thief, plan the ultimate jewel heist, and encounter futuristic rock stars on the lam, cirque stars who want the quiet life, and dancers who want fame.

Join thirteen USA Today, Amazon best-selling, and award-winning speculative fiction romance authors as they twist their own tales on the decks and in the dance halls of LS Quantum. Embark on a journey to fall in love at the Cosmic Cabaret.

Buy Now for $2.99

SFR Shooting Stars
SFRSS = Speculative Fiction Romance Shooting Stars.

A collective put together by three authors, Selene Grace Silver, Rosalie Redd and Jayne Fury, SFRSS aims to promote the genre of speculative fiction romance by finding and promoting some of the best SFR authors out there. Our current anthology, which goes on sale October 10, 2017, showcases stories by CJ Cade, Kerry Adrienne, Tessa McFionn, Cailin Briste, Jayne Fury, Rosalie Redd, Selene Grace Silver, Athena Grayson, Kat Vancil, Dena Garson, Blaire Edens, Jenna Lincoln, and Diana Rivis. SFR is more than blue alien sex, it’s beautiful romance set in amazing galactic worlds. 

As the LS Quantum prepares to set off into the great expanse of the universe–loading cargo, checking in passengers, monitoring flight conditions—Traverse with us through our various worlds. The luxury space liner promises adventure, a little chaos, and stories of tender love.


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Please welcome fellow author, Tuesday Embers. Her book Unraveling Molly is another one of the steamy reads featured in Sultry Nights


Molly Luco’s life isn’t what she had hoped for. Taking care of her abusive brother is just one of the many things threatening to hold her back. When a man from her past comes back into her world, Molly realizes that her carefully constructed mess might quickly become unraveled.


He touched her nose, and then ran his finger down to her chin. He traced the slope of her neck, reveling in how easily her body arched for him. A shiver ran through him as goosebumps broke out on her skin at his touch. “Just relax,” he cooed, leaning down toward her. His arm snaked under her back, elevating her torso so he could kiss her at a more perfect angle. Cradling her did nothing to erase the age difference, but it did cocoon her in his scent.
Liam’s lips brushed against Molly’s to test their want for him. When he sealed the kiss, her need was clear. Her mouth moved with his in a slow rhythm that melted them both with its tenderness and desire.
Liam could not recall his first kiss with much accuracy. It was more than seventeen years ago when he began collecting the seasoned experience that made Molly gasp in breathless wonder at the world she had been missing.
He would show her. He vowed that he would make her first kiss a thing to be remembered until she was old and gray. If her memories slipped from her aged mind, he made sure that would be the last remembrance to go.

Author Bio: 

Tuesday lives in Michigan, where unicorns are too snobby to make an appearance. She enjoys dandelions, cupcakes and the occasional trip overseas. She also writes fantasy fiction under the name Mary E. Twomey.

Stalk Me: 
Twitter: @shesleepssoftly

Coming November 7th

Pre-order NOW

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Make it quick and make it dirty!

Coming November 7th

Sultry Nights featuring Quick & Dirty

Humiliated and angry Parker Ryan is ready to erase every last trace of her ex from her mind, body, and soul. Of course she can be adventurous. Exciting. Sexy. No matter what he said. She needs an exorcism, and Tate McAllister and the island of Moorea in Tahiti are just the man and place to do it. Tate is perfect for the job: billionaire resort owner, scuba instructor, philanthropist and, let’s face it, sex god. So maybe the affair isn’t the wisest move when she has to write her damn feature piece and review the hotel, but if he’s ready and willing to wow her in and out of the bedroom for the next ten days, the fling will be worth it. Parker can get the job done and have Tate fulfill all her fantasies, and she won’t, repeat won’t fall in love with the man. Even if every part of her wants to.


“You know,” he started, making my head snap up, “I don’t see why we can’t make the most of your time here. Make one another feel good for the next ten days. You said you’re coming off a rough breakup, and I’m unattached. Isn’t it pretty much necessary to have an endless stream of mind-blowing, meaningless sex after you break up with someone?”
An endless stream of mind-blowing, meaningless sex?
No matter how hot the sauna was, my cheeks were hotter.
He moved over on the bench and pushed himself up, his forearms flexing with the weight of having to hold up his body. A second later, he was next to me on the bench.
“I mean, if you say ‘no,’ I’ll obviously respect your decision and back off.” His lips twisted, and he reached out and fingered a strand of my damp hair. “But something tells me you’re not totally sure if you want to say ‘no.’ Am I right?” His voice was dark and low, almost gravelly. It kissed across my skin, licking and biting, tasting and teasing and I wasn’t even touching him.I swallowed and squeezed my thighs together, biting back a whimper from the ache I felt deep in my belly and my swollen clit.“Quick and dirty, wasn’t that what you said?” His voice now tortured me. Every word, every syllable sent shards of need directly to my erogenous zones and made them spark alive.
All I could do was nod as I watched a sinfully delicious bead of sweat emerge on his sculpted upper lip. I wanted to lick it off; I wanted to lick every damn inch of the man.“Well, ten days is quick, and what I’d like to do to you is all kinds of dirty, so . . . ” His eyes flicked up to mine while his hand landed on my bare thigh and squeezed. I inhaled abruptly from the heat of his touch. I couldn’t stop it, I couldn’t control it, they had a bloody life of their own; my eyes drifted down once again to his crotch. I rolled my bottom lip between my teeth and watched as the bulge in his Speedo started to grow, lying thick and eager against his pelvic bone, desperate to break free of its Lycra prison.
Oh my freaking God.“Tate . . . ” I breathed, unable to form a complete sentence, let alone a complete thought.“You can say ‘no,’ Parker.”
He stood up on the bench below and positioned himself in front of me, spreading my legs and moving into the V. His fingers made their way up my thighs and waist, finally resting on my shoulders, hooking beneath the straps of my swimsuit.
“Say ‘no,’ Parker, and I’ll stop right now.”
Slowly, excruciatingly so, he drew the damp straps of my suit over my arms, exposing my breasts, then my stomach. His eyes drifted up to mine for a second before he bent his head low and latched onto a nipple, drawing the tender bud between his teeth and tugging. I arched my back to give him better access, my eyes fluttering shut like a vintage doll’s as a moan built in the back of my throat. Dear God, the man’s mouth was diabolical. Hot and wet and so freaking wonderful. His tongue flicked over the achy bud, and I choked on a sob.  “Tell me ‘no,’ ” he said again, moving over to the other nipple and delivering the same erotic torment. “Tell me ‘no.’ ”I buried my hands in his hair and pulled his head up. His gaze snagged mine.
“No,” I breathed, tugging on his scalp just hard enough to make his eyes go wide in surprise. “No. Don’t stop.” 

Saturday, 7 October 2017

Loving Her! I love this one! Happy release day, Jeanne St. James. Another kinky home run!

Loving Her 
(An Obsessed Novella)
By Jeanne St. James

Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romance

Available at all major retailers for only 99¢


It’s not just a love story, it’s an obsession...


I’ve loved Bree my whole life. We were each other’s firsts when we were young and inexperienced, and I totally screwed up. I disappointed her, causing her to cry and run away. But over the years, I’ve learned, I’ve perfected, and I’ve dreamt of one day getting another shot with the love of my life.
When I finally get the chance never in my wildest dreams did I think Bree was like this. The girl who used to wear yellow sundresses is no longer Bree, she’s Brianna, my new mistress. I’ll do whatever needed for her forgiveness, even go to my knees and grovel.
However, there’s just one thing... I want Bree back, not Brianna. Once I get Bree, Brianna can do to me what she will.


Maybe Noah doesn’t realize it, but he’s been mine ever since we were teens. I tried to apologize for disappointing him our first time, but never got the chance.
Now, when he approaches me at the bar, I can only think about all the things I want to do to him and with him. I plan to show him the skills I’ve honed over the years.
Little does he know what’s in store for him because I know his secrets, his desires, his needs. And I plan on giving it all to him.
However, just when I think I’m in control, he turns my world upside down.

Note: All books in the Obsessed series are standalone novellas. It is intended for audiences over 18 years of age since it includes explicit sexual situations, including BDSM.


I’ve loved her my whole life. At least since I can remember, which is all the way back to when she was in kindergarten and I was in first grade. I’d chase her through the backyard and around the jungle gym, trying to catch and kiss her.
If I’d succeed, she’d curl her little fingers into a fist, sock me in the gut, then run and tell her mother.
Yep, I had no game.
And, apparently, I didn’t leave an impression. Because now, at thirty, she’s still avoiding me.
Even though she can’t go very far at the moment since I’m her brother’s Best Man, and she’s the Maid of Honor.
Let me tell you, I hate weddings.
I hate them even more when I’m forced to stand across from her and can’t touch her, drag my fingers through her long, dark hair and run my lips along her delicate neck.
The only time I can touch her is when I escort her up the aisle. I’ve done it twice so far. However, she won’t meet my eyes, she feels stiff on my arm and she’s hardly said two words to me. And now I stand here while the wedding planner drones on and on about what’s expected of us during the ceremony tomorrow.
Look, Ms. Wedding Planner, it’s easy. Put one foot in front of the other, walk (without tripping) up the center aisle (can’t get lost while staying in between the rows of pews and aim for the front of the church), then stand to the side (no picking noses, asses, or adjusting your junk).
Oh, and don’t pass out. Otherwise, the video will go viral across cyberspace.
One more thing… the rings. Can’t forget to put the rings in my tux pocket.
Got it.
Yawn again.
It isn’t as if I’m not happy for my buddy, getting married to a great woman (although, not quite as stunning as his sister) who makes him happy, but I’m not thrilled with being a part of it. But I have his back. And I’d love to have his sister on her back.
Again. But in better circumstances.
We lost our virginity together at seventeen in her parents’ pool shed. I was in love with her then, too. Her with me? Not so much.
And in those forty-five seconds of bliss, I fell in love with her even more. I don’t think she thought it was even close to bliss, though. In fact, she had run out of the shed crying while pulling down her sweet yellow sundress.
I was devastated, and that was a major blow to my seventeen-year-old ego.
I’ll admit it, I had a lot to learn.
However, I had to learn it elsewhere since she was no longer game. In fact, she avoided me (just like at this rehearsal).
But I did learn. I was determined to improve, to not make her cry next time. But, unfortunately, there never was a next time.
Eventually, Mrs. Callahan down the street was kind enough to take me under her wing. Teach me the ins and outs of women. Of pleasure. Of discovering what I wanted and what I wanted to give in return.
Mrs. Callahan.
She made me call her that, too. And I did (when I wasn’t calling her Mistress).
I learned.
I perfected.
I dreamt of one day getting another shot with the love of my life.
Now here we stand, across from each other. My eyes on her. Her eyes on everything but me.
I want her.
I need her.
Even after all these years.
As I stand across from her, I’m mesmerized by her unforgettable, stunning beauty.
I love her.
But I can’t have her.
And that fucking blows.

 Dirty Excerpt

As I slip the wide blindfold over his eyes, I’m almost wondering whether I should forego it. Shame, really, to cover such beautiful, expressive eyes. Maybe later I will leave it off. But for now...
“Can you see me, my pet?”
He releases a long breath. “No.”
“Do you want to see me?”
“Yes,” he hisses, which makes me smile. Now, to begin...
I check the Wartenberg pinwheel in my hand. One of my favorites. Unlike pinwheels from when we were children that spin in the breeze, this pinwheel is oh so adult. It reminds me of a cowboy’s spur. The handle is made of metal, with twenty sharp needle-like points radiating from its wheel. It could be used twofold... to bring pleasure or to bring pain, depending on the pressure, depending on its use.
But for now, I want my pet to be hard, ready for me for when I’m ready for him. I want him to be driven to please me after I please him.
Give and take. I will give and I will take. He will come along for the ride.
“One Mississippi,” I murmur as I roll the wheel along his skin from his pelvis up his belly to his chest. He sucks in his stomach and blows out a breath, his cock twitching, leaking between us.
“Two Mississippi.” I lightly direct it over his right nipple.
“Ah fuck,” he mutters, his jaw tight.
“Three Mississippi.” I roll it to his left nipple, over the very hard tip and he jerks in his restraints.
“Bree,” he breathes.
I love my name on his lips when he’s engulfed in pleasure, it makes my pussy clench. I want to take him there and squeeze him tight, feel him fill me up and make me orgasm mindlessly.
But it’s too soon. We’ve only just begun.
I roll the pinwheel along the tender underside of his arms which are exposed as they stretch before me. I roll it down his chest again, over his stomach, pushing harder this time, leaving marks behind.
“Yes?” I ask him.
“Yes,” he groans.
Not that I’d change my course of action if he’d said no. He knows what he needs to say to stop me.
I continue my path along his waist, over his hips, down his thighs, his muscles tightening, clenching, twitching. Then behind his knees, down his calves, around his ankles. If I didn’t have him bound, I’d do the bottom of his feet and drive him mad.
I’m disappointed I can’t. Maybe next time.
Now on my knees in front of him, I roll it along his inner thighs, coming to the apex of his legs. I study him, the pinwheel gripped tightly in my hand. He’s stunning. His cock is no more than average length, but the girth is remarkable and his balls hang heavy just waiting for my touch.
I don’t know if I should give him that just yet, because I find myself fighting my own urges. And if I give in to them, I’m no longer in control.
No matter what, I don’t want to disappoint Noah again. Not now, not ever.
I rake my nails over his length, then over the tip and a noise escapes him that turns my nipples into even harder points. Lightly, I roll the pinwheel down his length, just missing the delicate skin of his sac.
“Ah, fuck,” he cries out, his chin dropping to his chest.
“You like that, my pet?” I ask him out of courtesy but nothing more.
He says something that sounds like a yes, but isn’t a fully formed word. I smile.
Tonight, neither one of us will be disappointed, unlike all those years ago. I will make sure he leaves here fully satisfied. I will make sure he leaves me in the same way, as well.
I run the sharp wheel over the crown of his cock and circle the head. “You like my instrument of torture?”
“Not... torture.”
No, clearly it is not.

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JEANNE ST. JAMES is a bestselling erotic romance author who loves an Alpha male (or two). She was only thirteen when she started writing since it gave her an escape from teenage angst! Her first paid published piece was an erotic story in Playgirl magazine.
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