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SEAL My Love by NY Times Bestselling author, Sharon Hamilton
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Rider’s Fall (A Viper’s Bite MC Novella) by International Bestselling author, Lena Bourne
A Miracle in Hawaii by Fiona Miers
Perfectly Skeptical (Perfectly Series novella) by Award Winning author, Linda O'Connor
Alpha Heat by Mandy Rosko
Tristan by International Bestselling author, Liz Gavin
Desire a Bridesmaid (an Always a Bridesmaid novella) by Courtney Hunt
Finding Cory by Caitlyn Lynch
Murder with a Kiss by USA Today Featured Author, Stacy-Deanne
A Major Affair, The Colonel's Daughters quintet, a novella by Award Winning author, CJ Matthew
Brooklyn Winters (A Seven Brothers Security Team Novella) by Karen M. Bryson
Two Reckless Hearts (A Barrett Ridge Novella) by Holly Cortelyou
His Diamond In The Rough by Bestselling author, Roxy Sinclaire and Zara Zenia
Worth the Risk (a Solace in Secrets novella) by EmKay Connor
Off Balance by Bestselling author, Susan Ann Wall
Making Waves by Bestselling author, Krista Ames
Starry Nights by JB Duvane
Cold and Hottie by Jan O'Hara
Homecoming by Elana Brooks
Lust Abroad by Whitley Cox
Sunset Seduction by Carma Haley Shoemaker
Just Trust Me by Celeste Hall
Hotter in Hawaii by Alexis Alvarez

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A woman getting ready to say her vows to God and a male stripper, how can this NOT get interesting? Please welcome Ursula Sinclair and her Martini Lounge series, Frozen. Come read a NSFW excerpt.

BUY IT NOW IN the SULTRY NIGHTS Boxed set. 22 tales of sexiness for only 99cents

FROZEN- The Martini Lounge
By Ursula Sinclair



Ever have that one perfect moment in time, when you know exactly what you’re supposed to do, who you’re supposed to be in life? Well, that had been me, and it certainly had lasted for more than a moment. I’d decided to pledge myself to God and help others in his name. Selfless, that was me and I was weeks away from taking my final vows. Then something happened, I met someone and suddenly I questioned everything. 


 I’ve always lived my life on my terms. Granted, I never thought I’d grow up to be a male stripper. But what the hell, I made good money and now, I had a shot at something more. And the women. Yeah, I loved women but they came and went. I preferred it that way. Didn’t matter which of us left first, as long as one of us did. I didn’t do attachments. Then something happened. I’m no saint, but I saved someone and wanted an attachment. Only to find out I could never have her.

Other books in The Martini Lounge Collection

Each book can be read as a stand-alone

Here's a dirty, dirty 18+ EXCERPT

We were both panting heavily. His arms remained at my shoulders and mine around his waist. I tried to take a step back, but the couch lay behind me. I ended up just landing on my butt. His covered enlarged cock stood in front of my face. Straining against the flimsy material. Like grass standing against a gale wind, I had no control. I leaned forward and licked him through the material.
He gave a ragged groan and placed his hand on my head. 
I jerked back. “No, please. I’m so sorry, I want you, but—I don’t know. I don’t want…” The frustration appeared evident in my voice. I wanted him so badly, but I wanted to be able to control what we did, how far I’d allow us to go. I figured if I could draw a line I could have him just this once. If I didn’t let him touch me, I would be able to guide what we did or didn’t do. How far this could go. How far did I want it go? I just licked his cock and craved more, but I needed the reins.
“What if I just let you touch me? Anyway, anyhow you want to. We won’t go any further than you want to go.”
“What?” I blinked confused. Did he understand after all? The idea of being able to touch him, to have all of his male strength to control, had moisture pooling between my legs. It would make it easier for me if I did the touching, if he couldn’t touch me. If he touched me, I’d lose everything. I knew that. “But how would you do that? How would you be able to prevent yourself from touching me? From losing control.”
He placed his hands behind his back. “Do you trust me?” 
His hard length throbbed in front of my face. My mouth was suddenly dry again, while my underwear remained drenched in a sea of desire. I swallowed and nodded.
“Grab the belt and stand up.”
I frowned. “Huh?” 
“Trust me. Pick up the belt and stand up.”
I did. Still unsure what he had in mind. I grabbed the belt hoping he wasn’t going to ask me to spank him. Maybe I needed to rethink this whole idea. The thought of inflicting any kind of intentional pain like that on him made me flinch inside. “Listen, maybe this isn’t…” I stopped talking when he sat down. Really confused now. How could I spank his bottom if he was sitting down? 
He grinned as though reading my mind. “No hon, I’m not into pain. Not that kind. I’m not into being tied up either, but I’m going to do this for you. If this is what it will take to make you feel secure and in control so you don’t go any farther than you’re comfortable with going.” He raised his hands over his head and sat back relaxed on the wide couch, and slowly spread his thighs. His erection strained against the material, surely stretching it to its maximum. 
I could see a dark spot at his tip, either from when I licked him or his pre-cum. I trembled. 
“Use the belt and wrap it like a figure 8 between my wrists. Then close the buckle.”
“Do it. It won’t hurt me, but it will restrain me enough, remind me in case I forget not to touch you.”
“Do it, baby. Do it for me and for yourself. We both need this. I know I sure as shit do… 

Ursula Sinclair is the alter ego of LaVerne Thompson a USA Today Bestselling author, an award winning, multi-published author, an avid reader and a writer of contemporary, fantasy, and sci/fi sensual romances. She loves creating worlds within our world. She writes romantic suspense and new adult romance under the pen name Ursula Sinclair. 
She is a certified chocoholic and is currently working on several projects. Some might even involve chocolate. But writing helps maintain her sanity. 

Sign up for her newsletter for sneak peeks and advance info on new releases as well as a few freebies to subscribers.

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Season of Seduction is LIVE! It's the perfect collection to chase away those winter chills and heat up your sheets.

Season of Seduction, one of the hottest anthologies this season.

It's the perfect collection to chase away those winter chills and heat up your sheets.

Ring in the holidays this year with this collection of steamy to sexy scintillating reads from today's hottest bestselling authors. Whether you’re looking for a romance by the warm glow of the fireplace or a passionate romp on a bear skin rug, there is something for all readers, for every taste, desire, and whim.
Come and join us, won’t you? This is sure to be a Season... of Seduction.

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Snowed In & Set Up

Six lonely hearts, five days and a whole lot of mistletoe

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Ho-Ho- Ho! Kindle Santa is on his way!


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Heartwarming Holidays. Enter to win some great prizes and new books from some incredible authors.

Happy November everyone! Are you ready for the chilly weather to hit?

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I beta-read this one and boy oh boy is it HOT! Get your fans out ladies, because Jag is one bad ass alpha you don't want to miss. Happy release day, Jeanne St. James!!

On sale for $2.99 for a limited time or FREE on Kindle Unlimited!

Amazon Paperback:

5 Star Amazon Review: “Amazing Series: Oh my gosh I LOVE this series! This is the second book in the Dirty Angels MC series and as much as I liked Zak’s book, and I really, really liked Zak’s book, I think I like Jag’s even better. Jag is a total trip, the man is super sexy and annoyingly alpha, but he’s also sweet and hilariously funny when it comes to Ivy...she definitely pushes ALL his buttons.”


Welcome to Shadow Valley where the Dirty Angels MC rules. Get ready to get Down & Dirty because this is Jag’s story…

The only thing Jag, DAMC Road Captain, loves more than his custom bike is Ivy. He’s wanted her ever since he could remember. However, through the years, he’s had to watch her date anyone but him since she avoids dating bikers like the plague. Instead, she gravitates toward the complete opposite: geeks and nerds. Something Jag will never be.

Smart and independent, Ivy wants to be the property of no man. Growing up in the club, she knows firsthand how they treat women. She regrets the mistake she made by dragging Jag upstairs to his room at the club one drunken night. Ever since then, she’s been doing her best to keep him at arm’s length, though it’s proven difficult. Especially when she finds out his secret, which only endears her to him even more.

Between secrets, lies, and a violent tangle with a rival club, can these two passionate hot-heads find the love and solace they’re looking for in each other’s arms? Or will everything just tumble down around them?

Note: This book can be read as a standalone. It includes lots of steamy scenes, biker slang, cursing, some violence and, of course, an HEA. If you like alpha males who like to take charge, this book is for you.


He was going to kill the bitch.
Jag pounded on the door. Again.
She was pushing him to his limit. And that was not good.
For him.
For her.
For the human race in general.
“Fuckin’ open the door or I’ll bust the fuckin’ thing in, got me?”
He was going to knock politely only one more time, then that was it.
He politely kicked the door with his heavy biker boot. That was going to leave a mark.
“If you don’t open this fuckin’ door right—”
The door jerked open and something—or someone—tried to fly by him.
Jag reached out a hand and snagged the fleeing body. With a grip around a skinny bicep, the guy came to a screeching halt.
Jag flung him around to face him. He scowled. “Who the fuck are you?”
The already pale guy turned sheet white. With eyes wide, mouth open, he had a discarded shirt bunched in his fist and his pants hung loosely around his hips, since he apparently hadn’t taken the time to finish fastening them before the man decided to jet.
Which was a smart move. But then, Ivy tended to pick smart dudes. Though, they never hung around long. Geeky dudes and a biker babe don’t mix no matter how many times she tries.
And he got it, he really did. Ivy was smart herself. Genius even. And she needed a challenge.
Other than becoming a biker’s ol’ lady. Or his ol’ lady, more like it.
Jag looked down at the guy’s bare feet. It seemed he forgot his fucking shoes in his haste.
Stupid fuck. Maybe he wasn’t so smart after all.
“You touch Dirty Angels property?”
The guy’s mouth opened and closed like a guppy as he stared up at Jag, who towered over him by at least five inches.
“Asked a damn question. Did you—”
“Get gone, Jag.”
His eyes slid to the woman now standing in the doorway, holding out a pair of loafers with socks tucked into them. The one wearing a fucking robe and probably nothing else.
The guy’s eyes dropped to his offered shoes, then he snagged them and clasped them to his chest as if they were a lifeline.
“Get in the house. Deal with you shortly.”
“The hell you will. Get gone, Jag.”
His head twisted in her direction and he took his time inspecting her from top to toe. That fucking deep red hair of hers spilled around her shoulders, clearly messed up from a fresh fuck, which he hoped he’d interrupted. Because if anyone should be in her bed, it should be him.
Her lips were swollen and pouty. Goddamn, if she had those lips around this nerd’s cock, his brain would explode. Her green eyes snapped in anger.
Whatever. She could be mad all she wanted. He was just as pissed. No, more.
“Who I fuck is none of your damn business,” came out of that smart mouth.
He gritted his teeth before answering. “The fuck it isn’t. Anything to do with DAMC property is my business.”
Especially after she climbed into his bed all those months ago.
“Well, I’m not DAMC property. So GET GONE!”
Jag released the now very scared guy with a shove. He stumbled, caught his balance on the veranda railing, then ran down the metal stairs, taking two at a time. Like a scared mouse, he sprinted toward a car parked on the street.
He should’ve known the guy drove a fucking Prius. He should’ve slashed the geek-mobile’s tires for dipping his dick in DAMC property.
“Fucker doesn’t even ride a bike. You’ve got shit taste in lays, Ivy.”
“Don’t I know it,” she muttered, making Jag’s jaw tighten.
“Don’t come back here,” Jag yelled his warning through the dark to the guy scrambling into his car like his ass was on fire. “If you know what’s good for ya,” he finished under his breath. He turned back to face the pissed-off redhead dressed in black silk that hugged all her damn curves. His balls tightened as hard as his jaw. “Probably needs a dick extension to fuck you.”
“I don’t know if that’s an insult to me or to him. Either way, you don’t belong here, Jag. So, I’ll say it again, get gone.”
“Not leavin’.”
Ivy lifted a shoulder. “Okay then. You’ll be standing out here all night while I’m sleeping soundly in my bed. Thanks to you, alone. Normally, I’d say good night, but... fuck you.”
The door slammed shut and Jag heard the deadbolt click. He grimaced and stared at the door.
Little did she know that her uncle, Ace, had given him the key.
He grinned, turned on his heel and jogged down the steps to where his bike was parked at the foot of the stairway in the pawn shop lot.
She may not let him in, but his mission was accomplished. He chased away Ivy’s latest conquest.
And he’d keep doing it until she got some sense and realized everything she needed has been right in front of her all along. 
He put his girl between his legs, hit her starter and closed his eyes for a moment, surrounded by the smooth rumble of his straight exhaust pipes.
His bike was everything to him. The only thing he wanted more between his legs was Ivy.
The only thing he loved more than his bike was... fucking Ivy.
And she was a fucking bitch.

About the Author:

JEANNE ST. JAMES is a USA Today Bestselling erotic romance author who loves an Alpha male (or two). She was only thirteen when she started writing since it gave her an escape from teenage angst! Her first paid published piece was an erotic story in Playgirl magazine. 

Her first erotic romance novel, Banged Up, was published in 2009. She is happily owned by farting French bulldogs. She writes M/F, M/M, and M/M/F ménages. Want to read a sample of her work? Download a sampler book here:

To keep up with her busy release schedule check her website at or sign up for her newsletter:

Author Links:

Amazon Author Page:
Review & Book Crew:

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Cosmic Cabaret by Cailin Briste is now ONLY 99cents!

Cosmic Cabaret: Where Hearts Collide in the Greatest Show in Space

Cosmic Cabaret has arrived in system with all the latest gossip from the dance halls and clubs of the luxury starship, LS Quantum. In this collection you’ll meet princes and star sultans, solve a murder, track a thief, plan the ultimate jewel heist, and encounter futuristic rock stars on the lam, cirque stars who want the quiet life, and dancers who want fame.

Join thirteen USA Today, Amazon best-selling, and award-winning speculative fiction romance authors as they twist their own tales on the decks and in the dance halls of LS Quantum. Embark on a journey to fall in love at the Cosmic Cabaret.

Catch a Falling Star by CJ Cade
Chaz Jaguari, inter-galactic singing star, hides out until a sexy Tygress wanders into his lair and brings the jaded star roaring back to life. 

Starlight by Kerry Adrienne
Astronomer Dr. Andrew Mann becomes enthralled with a performing particle shifter. Stella wants to trust the scientist, but she has a secret, and she's scared. 

Midnight at Andromeda’s by Tessa McFionn
Reluctant groom, Prince Marqaz, moonlights as a common bartender...until the surprising arrival of his like-minded affianced, Karyna.

Stars Shining Bright Above by Jayne Fury
Astra Faraday ran from a life of piracy. Dr. Zane Jones signed on to the ship to escape a former life—one that was killing him. When her mentor is murdered their pasts collide as they solve the crime and fall in love.

Star-Studded Love by Rosalie Redd
Caleb hides his disability behind his job as an exotic dancer, keeping women at arm’s length. Then he meets Adara. How much will they risk to find their dreams together?

Forbidden Alliance by Athena Grayson
It’s going to take brain surgery and rocket science to reunite a pair of long-lost, star-crossed lovers.

Razer’s Edge by Selene Grace Silver
Erotic dancer Ayanna headlines at the cabaret until a psychic thief named Razer uses her identity to pull off the plunder of a lifetime, jeopardizing everything.

A Dance of Fallen Stars by Kat Vancil
Notorious playboy Kealan Corkoran’s been branded an illegal stowaway light-years from home. His one chance to get out of this mess: working under the impassioned daemon choreographer who got him into it.

Vordol’s Vow by Dena Garson
Bodyguard Vordol Silveira vows to be the best, keeping his heart disengaged. Pitannah Lorento dreams of winning the intergalactic burlesque competition. When she's threatened, Vordol’s vow is put to the test.

Hide and Peek by Blaire Edens
Religious zealots storm the burlesque club where Suzy headlines, forcing her run, leaving behind a precious possession. Davell hooks up with Suzy to catch the perps, her actions set off a chain of dangerous events. 

Educated by the Master by Cailin Briste
Take one talkative novice to kink. Combine with a master who prefers the silence of meditation. Bake on high heat at the Cosmic Cabaret. Luscious.

Comets and Caviar by Jenna Lincoln
Smooth undercover agent Malachi Cartier’s lavish tastes include fine spirits and ladies. But he'll need more than charm to finish his mission and win security professional Keya's heart. 

Star Searchers by Diana Rivis
Agent Sabrina Hawthorne of the Inter-Galactic Alliance thinks she’ll track a traitor with her brother. Instead, she's partnered to his overbearing, stick-in-the-mud friend, Dayor Keitos.

One Small Step First Chapters – Read all 13 first chapters of Cosmic Cabaret in this companion teaser. 

Buy Now:
SFRSS = Speculative Fiction Romance Shooting Stars

A collective put together by three authors, Selene Grace Silver, Rosalie Redd and Jayne Fury, SFRSS aims to promote the genre of speculative fiction romance by finding and promoting some of the best SFR authors out there. Our current anthology, which goes on sale October 10, 2017, showcases stories by CJ Cade, Kerry Adrienne, Tessa McFionn, Cailin Briste, Jayne Fury, Rosalie Redd, Selene Grace Silver, Athena Grayson, Kat Vancil, Dena Garson, Blaire Edens, Jenna Lincoln, and Diana Rivis. SFR is more than blue alien sex, it’s beautiful romance set in amazing galactic worlds. 

As the LS Quantum prepares to set off into the great expanse of the universe–loading cargo, checking in passengers, monitoring flight conditions—Traverse with us through our various worlds. The luxury space liner promises adventure, a little chaos, and stories of tender love.


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Giveaway time! You could win! And... find some new alpha bad boy boyfriends while you're at it.

Sultry Nights, 22 sexy contemporary romance stories that are sure to set your kindle on fire.

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Love, passion, romance and desire… No matter what your preference, this set of 22 hot and sexy reads has just what you need. From surprise love affairs to bad boys that we can’t help but fall for, and couples that were meant to be, this compilation from Romance Collections is sure to please your every single need. 

✩ Featured Authors ✩
     Nicole Morgan
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     Jerrie Alexander
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     Ursula Sinclair
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     Tuesday Embers
     Siera London
     Rachel Shane
     Bonnie Phelps
     Misha Elliott
     Alyson Reynolds
     Jenna Bayley-Burke
     Madison Michael
     Pepper Goodrich
     Marcia James
     Destiny Blaine


Tuesday, 7 November 2017


It's LIVE! 
Sultry Nights, 22 sexy contemporary romance stories that are sure to set your kindle on fire.

Love, passion, romance and desire… No matter what your preference, this set of 22 hot and sexy reads has just what you need. From surprise love affairs to bad boys that we can’t help but fall for, and couples that were meant to be, this compilation from Romance Collections is sure to please your every single need. 

✩ Featured Authors ✩
     Nicole Morgan
     Jocelyn Dex
     Alison Foster
     Kate Richards
     Linda O'Connor
     Samantha Holt
     Jerrie Alexander
     Whitley Cox
     Krista Ames
     Ursula Sinclair
     Measha Stone
     Tuesday Embers
     Siera London
     Rachel Shane
     Bonnie Phelps
     Misha Elliott
     Alyson Reynolds
     Jenna Bayley-Burke
     Madison Michael
     Pepper Goodrich
     Marcia James
     Destiny Blaine

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Quick & Dirty
The best way to get over a millionaire is to get under a billionaire