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Sunday, 21 May 2017

What are we scheming, boys?

Love, Passion and Power: Part 1



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I watched the two handsome guys in front of me. It was quite the sight. Deep in conversation with their heads bowed together. Justin and James looked like little boys who were getting ready to launch bottle rockets at the neighbor’s cat. Deviously plotting and planning their next move.
            “What are we scheming, boys?” I asked, inching my way into their two-person circle and looping my arm through Justin’s.
            He tucked my arm closer to his body and lifted his head. “We’re trying to decide if James has a shot with that woman by the cash register.”
            I followed their eyes and took in the leggy blonde who was nursing a glass of white wine. She was cute; tall and slim with a chic shortcut swept over her eye, and she was sizing up James like a cat eyes up a goldfish. And from the look on her face, I’d say she already had one paw in the aquarium.
            “Oh, yeah. I don’t even think you’ll have to work for that one,” I said blandly.
            Justin chuckled. “He never does.”
            “Well then, I’m off,” James said, giving a mock stretch and a big cocky grin. “Have a good night, you two.” He sauntered off towards White Wine who was busy eye-fucking the shit out of him. It looked like his dry spell was over.

Thursday, 18 May 2017

You can't use your hands...

Love, Passion and Power: Part 1



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He reached under the covers and pulled my legs until I slid back down and then he rolled on top of me. “But enough about that, I’m sure we can think of more interesting ways to occupy ourselves than talking about James and his crazy ex.”
I smiled and lunged forward, capturing his bottom lip between my teeth. He growled and rocked us until we rolled and I was on top.
“I want you to put the condom on.” He grinned, reaching over to the nightstand and tearing one off of the strip.
I took it from him and opened up the package. Straddling his nakedness and taking his hard, beautiful cock into my hands I started to stroke him. He was silky smooth, with a shiny dark purple head and thick roping veins that coursed around his shaft, pulsing his life force through him. I pinched the tip of the condom and placed it onto the crown.
“Uh, uh, uh!” he tutted. “No hands!”
I smiled and rolled my eyes. “Feet then?”
A salacious twinkle in his eyes had me giggling. “Whatever, but no hands.”
I inched downwards on his body so that I could hunch over him and roll the condom on with my mouth. Pinching the tip with my lips and leaning over, I placed the opening of the nasty tasting prophylactic on the head of his cock. Using my hands to angle him just right I slowly opened my mouth and took him inside while rolling the condom down over his length with the help of my tongue. It wasn’t easy, it took some maneuvering and tongue acrobatics, but eventually, I got it on, deep throating him to take it to the base.
I sat up and grinned in triumph, but his eyes were closed while a smile danced on his kissable lips. I scooted forward and rose up, positioning my wet cleft above him, he still didn’t open his eyes.
I him notched at my core and started to swirl the tip around my entrance. He still didn’t open his eyes. Finally, I sunk down, taking him snuggly inside me, squeezing him the whole way down. Only then did I get a reaction. A low, masculine moan rolled up from his chest, like the sound a male lion makes right before he pounces. His hands came up and encircled my hips, his eyes remained closed, but he began to buck up and into me.
“Oh… yes.”
He groaned, kneading my hips with strong fingers, urging me to go faster and take him deeper. I placed my hands on his chest for leverage and began to ride him, up and down, his thickness stretching me, hitting me deep, deep inside. I bit my lip and tilted my head back while he brought one of his hands up to caress and massage my breast. He twisted the nipple until I squeaked out in pleasure, picking up the pace and riding him harder.
“God, you’re beautiful,” he said with a grunt, lifting his hips to meet mine.

My body fell forward, and I pressed against him, my hair falling in a cascade all around us, enclosing our faces in a curtain just our own. He cupped my cheek and pulled me into a kiss. The orgasm took me by surprise, crashing into my body like a kite in a hurricane. Reckless and all consuming it ricocheted from the tips of my toes right up to the top of my head and back. Biting Justin’s shoulder, I cried out his name until the sublime sensation passed, rendering me limp and boneless. Seconds later he found his own release and ground himself against me, pumping furiously and calling out my name with uninhibited joy.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

An EXTRA long Excerpt from Sex, Heat and Hunger: Part 1



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“His name is James Shaw, he’s thirty-eight, into running, fishing and woodworking, and he’s the owner of J.P.S. Developing Inc. here in Victoria,” I blathered into the phone Saturday afternoon.
“Really? You found all that out? And you met him at the pub? Or did you Google him?” Alyssa asked. She was feeling better, not a hundred percent or well enough to go to the gym, but at least she’d stopped puking when I’d called her the next day to catch up and fill her in on my encounter with Mr. Firm-Handshake-Sexy-Mouth.
“No. I found it out the old-fashioned, non-creepy-stalker way, by talking to him. I’m not going to Google him. Not yet anyway. And why are you so shocked that I met someone? It’s not like I was out clubbing and started making out with a random guy on the dance floor and then took him home. I’m not twenty-one. And I didn’t even do that when I was twenty-one, you know that. And I didn’t go home with James either. I behaved myself, thank you very much.”
She laughed over the phone. “I don’t know. You just don’t strike me as the type to meet someone at a pub or bar that’s all. Let alone a gorgeous business tycoon. Nobody meets anyone at a pub anymore, not since our parents were on the dating scene. It’s all online dating, some terrible hook-up app or through mutual friends. But more importantly…” Her tone changed, ready for the dirty details. “… you made-out with him?”
I nibbled on my bottom lip and bobbed my tea bag in my mug before lifting it out and tossing it into the compost. “Well, call me old-fashioned if you like, but I did meet James at a pub. And yeah, we made-out, kind of. We kissed in the cab. But who knows if it will amount to anything.”
The evening had gone quite well in my opinion. We’d grabbed a booth as soon as one became vacant, ordered nachos and talked for nearly two hours. We’d covered all the first date kind of topics, and even though it wasn’t a date, it ended like one — in a shared a cab as the taxi had to skirt his neighborhood on the way to my condo building.
When the cab pulled up to his house, my eyes went wide. Oh my god, what a house it was; a two-story masterpiece made of dark wood and stone, with big windows, a three-car garage, and a wrap-around porch. And although big, it wasn’t ostentatious or gaudy. Rather shyly, he admitted to designing and building it himself and even in the dark of night I could tell this man had taste. The air had continued to pulse and flicker around between us all night. By the time we got into the cab, it was fully charged and so was I, even though he hadn’t made a move all night, he hadn’t even touched me. It’d been years since I’d dated and wasn’t sure what to expect, was he going to kiss me? Invite me in? Another handshake? Oh fuck, a hug? What?
He fished around in his wallet and handed the cabbie a fist full of bills, murmuring, “And that’s for the lady too, keep the change.”
I protested, but he wouldn’t hear of it, and then he leaned in, grazing my cheek with the backs of his fingers. I closed my eyes and licked my lips readying myself for the goodbye kiss. The chill of the evening quickly banished by the heat he generated low in my belly, his look long and probing. Only he didn’t kiss me, he moved to the side of my head, his breath warm and stirring, the smell of scotch and his masculine scent driving my senses wild.
 “I’d love nothing more than to invite you in and ravish your body until breakfast, but you said you have a gym class in the morning, and if you stayed over you wouldn’t get there on time, I’d make sure of it. And…” He nipped my earlobe, making my whole body convulse. “… you, Emma, why you’re more than a one-night stand.”
 Grabbing the back of my head roughly, he kissed me, hard and deep, his mouth swallowing my surprised gasp. Thrusting his tongue into my mouth and spreading my lips, delivering slow savoring licks that made my pussy tighten and long for him to do the same thing lower down on my body. I melted into him, went lax as he pulled me close, allowing him to lead the kiss, matching his plunges and thrusts with my own, sucking on his soft tongue. I whimpered when he bit my lip. It’d been way, way too long since anyone had done that. Eventually, he pulled away with a wolfish smirk. I was panting as I licked my swollen lips. I can only guess what my face looked like, shock? Lust? Wanting? Wanting more, that’s for sure.
“Goodnight, Emma,” he said, opening the door.
I gulped. “’N-night… James.”
            “Wow! That sounds hot,” Alyssa exclaimed. “Like something out of a romance novel, a real bodice ripper. But the big question is — does he own a pair of Crocs?”
I chuckled. “No! And thank goodness for that! I did manage to slip in that question at some point. It would have been such a pity if he’d said ‘yes.'”
“What was his deal-breaker?”
“Smoking, like so many people. I guess smoking is one of mine too. But I’d probably put Crocs above smoking.”
“Well, duh!” She snorted. “He’ll call, for sure.”
“Yeah? Well, we’ll see — oh, oh, hold on I’m getting another call… shit, shit, shit it’s him! What should I do? Let it go to voicemail or answer it?”
“Fucking answer it! And then call me back immediately! Bye. Good luck!”
            I let it ring a couple more times before I pressed “accept.” Not so much as to play hard-to-get or make him sweat, but to simply compose myself. I hadn’t felt this giddy or ridiculous about a man since high school.
Emma,” he growled. Oh my god that voice. “How was the gym?” The way this man said my name made my knees weak and my panties wet. I could feel the warmth and pull of his rock hard body through the phone.
I swallowed. “Hey.” Trying to sound as relaxed as could, even though inside I was a jiggly blob of goo. “Tough as hell, so in other words, amazing.”
“A glutton for punishment are you?”
“No, just a firm believer in no pain no gain.”
He chuckled softly. “Meet me for lunch today.”
My eyes flashed to the clock on my microwave. “It’s already one o’clock.”
“Okay, meet me for linner.”
“Did you just say linner?”
“Yeah, let’s get linner or lupper or whatever you’d like to call it. I don’t want to wait until actual dinnertime to see you. I’ll come and get you. Twenty minutes.”
I looked down at my yoga pants. Shit, I’d have to change. “Um… okay.”
“See you soon.”
It didn’t occur to me until after we’d hung up that he had no idea where I lived. He hadn’t asked for my address, and I hadn’t told him last night. How was he going to find me? Did he Google me?

Monday, 15 May 2017

He really was a grumpy bugger...

Love, Passion and Power: Part 1


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It was Saturday afternoon and I was busy vacuuming my room. My headphones were on and some Lady Gaga song blasting way too loudly in my ears when a ding and a vibration on my butt interrupted the chorus. I grabbed my phone from my back pocket to see a text message from Justin.        
J: What are you doing?

K: Vacuuming. What are you doing?

J: Throw on a bathing suit. I’ll be there in 10.

K: What? Why? Where are we going?

J: It’s a surprise! Be ready! Xoxoxo

K: Justin! Do I need to pack anything else? Where are we going?

            But that was it. He didn’t answer me again. I unplugged the vacuum and began to dig, through my drawers to find my swimming gear. Forced to abandon my plans to start packing and to establish some semblance of order in my messy room. I was just tying the halter of my bikini around my neck when there was a soft knock on my bedroom door.
            “Hey, baby, ready to go?” Justin asked as he came into my room.
            “No! I have no idea where we’re going, how can I be ready?” I ran around my room tossing things that I might need for the day into a small canvas shoulder bag: sunscreen, a water bottle, towel, flip-flops, sunglasses...
            “Or,” he said with a smirk, coming over and placing his hands on my shoulders, “you could just trust me, and go with it. You need to start trusting me.”
            I looked up into his eyes; there was so much mischief dancing in them that I couldn’t help but smile. “Fine. If I burn, it’s your job to rub aloe on me.”
            He grinned, planting a whopper of a kiss on my lips before grabbing my hand and whisking me out the door. “It’s a deal!”
            “Whoa… Whose boat is this?” I asked as we walked along the dock a short while later. Lex and I only lived a few blocks from St. Roch Dock, so it was just a quick drive.
            “Ahoy!” came a familiar voice as James popped up from behind the dark blue canvas.
            “Ahoy!” Justin said with a piratey salute.
“This yours?” I asked James, my eyes going wide as we came up along the big, white floating beast.
            “It is” His was face expressionless. Instead he just gave me a curt nod.
            But I chose not to let him frighten me and offered him a giant smile. “Nice. Thanks for inviting us along.”
            “Come on,” Justin said, helping me climb aboard. “Let’s go spend the day on the water.”
            Giddiness filled me. Besides the ferry and Justin’s speedboat at the cabin, I’d never been on a boat before. I’d never been out on the open ocean. I jumped aboard and found the best seat in the house.
            “Ahoy!” came another familiar voice, this one belonging to Amy. “Is the grumpy captain ready for take-off?”
            James rolled his eyes and helped his sister climb onto the boat, followed by Garret, who seemed to be the designated pack mule.
“Boats don’t ‘take-off,’ they set sail,” he said, with an irritated scowl at his sister. Grumbling under his breath as he started to untie the boat from the dock.
            “Tomato, potato.” She shrugged, grinning at me, her big floppy orange sunhat hitting her brother in the chin as she spun around to try to find a seat. “I don’t see a sail anywhere. Do you see a sail anywhere, Kendra? Because I don’t see a sail.”
            “Amelia! Sit down!” he barked. “And take that stupid hat off!”
            Amy rolled her eyes at me but removed her hat as she found a seat in the back towards the motor. “God, what crawled up your ass and died, you grumpy fuck?” She flashed me a big sassy smile while eyeing up her brother and shaking her head at his cantankerous mood
            I’d jumped when James had raised his voice. It was a tad frightening, and my eyes sought Justin’s for answers. Thankfully, he read my mind and came over, lifting me up and planting me on his lap while he took my seat. He pressed his mouth against my temple. “Ignore James. He’s in a terrible mood. He hasn’t gotten laid in almost two weeks!”
            “It’s called masturbation,” I murmured. “Everyone does it!”
            He smirked against the side of my head and chuckled before turning to James. “Hey buddy, Kendra says you should just go below and rub one out before we leave. I think we’d all feel a bit safer if we knew you weren’t sporting such serious blue balls. Clearly, they’re making you ornery as fuck!”
            Amy belted out a laugh. “As much as I don’t want to think about my brother spanking the monkey I’m inclined to agree. We’ll wait if you need a couple of minutes, bro.”
            “I can bring up some porn on my phone,” Garret said. “Just be sure to wipe it off when you give it back.”
            James shot everyone a warning look, his face dark and fierce as he made his way to the front and behind the wheel. The motor came to life, and the boat started to move, his jaw set tightly with a muscle ticking just below his ear. This man was so tightly wound it was only a matter of time before he snapped. Meanwhile, the rest of us couldn’t help but laugh, he really was a miserable bugger. 

Sunday, 14 May 2017

WOOHOO! I loved this book! It was so freaking hot. Voyeurism anyone? Only Him by Jeanne St. James

Only Him
An Obsessed Novella
by Jeanne St. James
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance/Erotica

This is not just a love story, it’s an obsession… 


Never in my life did I think my high school obsession would move right next door. I’ve never wanted anyone but him. Reid Turner is my ultimate fantasy. And I still want him. Badly. When he watches me through my bedroom window taking matters into my own hands, things suddenly take a turn…

And now that I have him, I’m not letting him go.


I never knew she existed and now I can’t get enough of her. She consumes me. When this night ends, there may not be anything left of me, she may own me completely. She my master and I her slave. In one way or another I will atone for never noticing her all throughout high school. I will gladly grovel at her feet to make up for what a fool I was.

Besides, who can turn down that luscious body of hers? Curves in all the right places, a mouth that could make a grown man cry, super responsive during sex, and none of my twisted desires so far have made her bat an eye. And did I mention? She lives right next door. She may be the perfect woman for me.

Note: All books in the Obsessed series are stand-alone novellas. It is intended for audiences over 18 years of age since it includes explicit sexual situations, including BDSM. 


I don’t even bother to turn on the light when I enter the master bedroom. I’m content to be in the dark. And without curtains yet, the moon reflects brightly into the room. It’s peaceful, I try to convince myself. Yeah, sure.

I swallow another swig of beer, thinking I should be exhausted, but I’m not. Maybe the beer will help me sleep tonight—the first night in a new house. And if not, I can always rub one out.

Hell, I’m good at it now since my fist has been more loyal than my former wife. Fuck. Move on, Reid. Don’t let it eat at you.

I sigh and move to the window, glancing up at the night sky and the almost full moon. I was lucky to find this house at such a great price. And with a fenced backyard I can finally get a dog. One of many things Pam would never let me have…

My bedroom window faces the side yard and my eyes rake over the neighboring house. I wish the houses weren’t so close in this neighborhood. I like my privacy. But, once again, I bought it at a good price and it's in a nice community. So, I can’t bitch too much.

A light turns on in the house next door. Which reminds me I should introduce myself to the neighbors this weekend. But for now…

Holy shit.

Holy, holy fucking shit.

I put my bottle down on the window sill and brace my hands on the frame, leaning in until my forehead almost touches the glass.

I love this house. It’s the best house ever. The greatest house in the whole wide world.

Oh, please. Do not close your curtains. Do. Not.

Jeez, I could probably get fired for this. But at the moment, my cock and I don’t care.

Cuff me, stuff me, take me away. But please wait until she’s done. Do a man a solid.

I adjust myself in my jeans and focus my attention on the open window not twenty feet from mine.

Unlike my bedroom, hers is lit up. Her eyes look closed as she lies naked on her back, her legs wide, her knees bent. And, even better, her bed directly faces the window.

My luck is changing. Yes, indeed.

The woman’s breasts are luscious, full but beautiful, the dusky nipples a perfect size. The perfect size for my mouth.

As she cups one breast, her other hand goes rogue. I have to swallow, which for some reason, isn’t an easy task. I also must remind myself to breathe as her wandering fingers slide along her beautiful belly to dive between her legs.

Holy shit. I’m imagining this. Right? I dig the heels of my palms into both eyes and look again.

No, it’s definitely real. This scenario reminds me of the porn we secretly watched as teenagers. This kind of stuff doesn’t happen in real life. When do you look out your freaking window and see a hot woman playing with herself? You don’t.
JEANNE ST. JAMES is an erotic romance author who loves an Alpha male (or two). She was only 13 when she started writing since it gave her an escape from teenage angst! Her first paid published piece was an erotic story in Playgirl magazine. Her first erotic romance novel, Banged Up, was published in 2009. She is happily owned by farting French bulldogs. She writes M/F, M/M, and M/M/F ménages.
She has a few new releases coming up in 2017. So keep an eye on her website at or sign up for her newsletter here.


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Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Sunset Flare By Shannyn Leah

Rich, Wild, Pampered. Mysterious, dark...dangerous

Izzy Caliendo is a wild child. Born into a rich family, she uses her status as a pampered princess to avoid work, play the field and live her life the way she wants.

Until Gunner Mann comes along, anyway.

Gunner, hired by Izzy’s brother, Marc, to decode their grandfather’s secret files, is mysterious, dangerous and doesn't bow down to Izzy's wild ways.

When Marc traps these two in the basement together to finish the files, sparks start to fly. After Izzy finds out about her own file and is confronted with confusion about her past, she turns to Gunner for help. But Gunner is running from his own past and doesn’t want to involve anyone—especially a Caliendo woman. He is so close to freedom—how can he turn back now?

The more time he and Izzy spent together, however, makes it harder and harder for either of them to walk away. Will they simply finish the files and go their separate ways or will deceit, lies and secrecy actually bring these two people from opposite worlds together?


Stolen canoe?
Gunner’s conclusion: this Caliendo was insane. But, hot damn, the woman sure knew how to kiss.
“They’re going to jump!” The shouts from the wound up troupe sounded closer, diminishing the distance between them.
Gunner took one last glance over his shoulder at the shadows cutting the path toward them. Izzy had left him no other alternative. He jumped.
The cool water swallowed him whole, dragging him into the pit of desolation where he’d once lived. For a brief moment, time stood still, pulling him into that darkening part of his life when he wouldn’t have bothered swimming to the surface, wouldn’t have wanted to, wouldn’t have cared if he never breathed a breath of fresh air again.
Surprisingly, he discovered, today wasn’t that time.
Gunner broke the water’s surface, sucking in the warm summer evening air, and appreciating what he’d once given up. Life. It had been so long since he’d felt alive. He would have enjoyed the moment more if camera flashes didn’t pull him back to reality.
“Over there!” Voices shouted. “I see them!”
Flashlights flickered between flashes, threatening the life he finally appreciated.
Izzy’s voice surfed the waves to him, exposing her hiding spot under a dock. Gunner swam across the wavy river, ducking under the short dock to join her. Hardly enough space allowed room for only their heads to bob above the water’s surface.
Gripping the docks edge with one hand, he scrubbed his free hand over his face, rubbing the water away from his eyes to focus on the dim lights from across the river. The beams hardly touched the middle of the river, so they were safe under the wood slats hiding them. The disappointed voices carried across the water until he heard them give up and head back to camp.
“That was close,” Izzy whispered, both hands also latched on the dock’s edge. Her heavy breathing changed into hysterical laughter. “That was the closest I’ve ever been to getting caught and I’ve been doing this since high school. Figures the first time I don’t bring Abby and I’m almost busted.”
“Doing what exactly?” He heard the hard edge of his tone and felt the tremor of fear pulse through his body. Living alone in the woods hadn’t brought on these levels of stress. He had felt safe there.
Sure, the alarm system around the perimeter helped ease his nerves and, when fear did grip his core, the camera system assured him no one was on the property.
One night out with this woman and his obituary picture had almost been snapped. He wanted—no needed—an explanation.
“I’ll explain when we’re out of the water.”
When one of her hands left the dock, he tightly gripped her wrist stopping her. “You’ll explain now,” he growled.
She shot a quick glance at where his fingers coiled around her wrist before replying. “Threats don’t scare me.” Strength and independence ruminated in her tone. “You want an explanation, try again.” Izzy tugged her hand, but he held the grip.
“Let’s get something straight, right now. I don’t do pictures.”
“You don’t do pictures?” He could hear the layer of mockery under the layers of her annoyance.
“No. You want to drag me on some stupid adventure that gives you some measly thrill in your spoiled life, don’t expect me to smile for a camera, understood?”
“Oh my gosh, I didn’t want you to come. I didn’t invite you. Stop blaming me because you didn’t get the facts before jumping into my canoe.”
“Your stolen canoe.”
“I planned to return it, not that any of this is any of your business.”
“Don’t push me, woman.”
“Push, push, push,” Izzy snickered. “Maybe you can boss around the women back home like this. Do this and don’t do that. Let’s have sex and then no sex. But I am not one of those women.”
Gunner couldn’t pinpoint what sparked his next move. The rush of the chase, remembering how her lips felt against his, or discovering his longing to stay under the surface of the water had vanished. Whatever the trigger, it launched him to pull Izzy close and continue kissing her where they’d left off. He felt alive—because of her—and, truthfully, he didn’t want the moment to end.
Her moistened lips reciprocated the kiss, encouraging him to advance his tongue past the seam of her lips. Dipping inside her mouth, he flavoured all the warm areas she offered. Hot and hard kisses stole the night. When her free arm snaked around his neck, he let go of her wrist, giving both arms access to firmly mold their wet bodies together. Her legs wrapped around his middle, bobbing in the water like one. He felt her long fingers dig through his hair, heard a moan ride up her throat when his hand moved under her shirt and as his flesh trailed her spine.
He hadn’t planned anything further than ravaging her mouth like high school kids hiding under the bleachers. Izzy pulled away first, looking damn sexy. Breathless, a glaze over her eyes, and strands of her damp hair clinging to her face. When her legs slid away, he wanted to gather them back up and own her mouth again. He might have, too, but before he knew what was happening, her open palm sent shocks of pain through his cheek.
“That wasn’t code for sex you…you…Italian goon,” she shouted at him.
Gunner cursed, flexing his jaw and rubbing his cheek. “I didn’t hear you complaining, popsicle.” His smart-alecky remark only further pissed her off.
“Consider this my complaint.”
“You were practically pulling my pants off.”
“You’re a pig.”
“When I’m this hot for you, your insults are a turn on.”
She shoved his chest before dunking under the water, and disappearing below the soft waves they’d made.

Gunner closed his eyes momentarily before following her, deeply inhaling and obtaining control over his body’s reaction to her touch. And not only her touch, but the way she made him feel…alive.

Read the first two chapters here: